Friday, July 3, 2009

Impulse Buy

Is it bad that I just bought these three books...

because I adored the covers so, so, so much?

I've read Gingerbread so it's only right (here I am justifying) that I read the other two...

Plus, I really haven't bought a book in a long time (not counting the fact that I just ordered Along For the Ride, but I mean, I had to, right?)

What have you all splurged on lately?

Happy Reading!


katie said...

I bought 7 books this week so I think you are definitely justified. Well I bought 8 but one is for a giveaway so it doesn't count and only 2 of the books were full price. I actually bought Gingerbread this week, too but my copy doesn't have the same cover and it was $1. =]

Lost in a Book said...

You can't beat that for $1! I love going through sale books to see what I can find!

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