Sunday, July 4, 2010

Frostbite by Richelle Mead

I just got done reading Shadow Kiss, this review might be a little off seeing as how I just got off of an emotional roller coaster and have MANY things to say about what just happened.

This may contain spoilers. Sorry guys!

But this is about Frostbite-which was equally as memorizing and captivating as Vampire Academy. The students of St. Vladmir's Academy are being whisked off to a luxurious ski resort for the holidays. However, the reason for which isn't as magical as it seems. After a Strigoi attack killing a family of Moroi and one of the most legendary guardians, things are pretty tense in the Moroi world. It seems as if the impossible is occurring- Strigoi forming communities in order to stage major attacks, and using humans to break the magic wards previously thought impenetrable by Strigoi. Unimaginable danger looms in their future. And as if that wasn't enough to keep Rose's mind occupied, she is still learning more about Lissa's spirit magic and do so with the new aid of an annoying yet undeniably enchanting Adrian (the nephew of the queen, no less). And she must deal with her ever confusing love life. Although her heart belongs to Dimitri, they both know their relationship is improbable and reckless. And then there's Mason...who would be so great for Rose. He's funny, cute, and completely into her. Rose will have to chose between who she should be with and who she desperately wants...but danger always comes out of broken hearts.

I love Dimitri even more than before. His self-control is so frustrating yet so needed for the world they live in. They come first. Something I think both Dimitri and Rose struggle with even if a little subconsciously is the role they play in the world-always having to give up their needs for the Moroi they protect. And although it's never questioned, I think it will be challenged more and more as the series continues. But for now I will have to settle for the few stolen kisses between Rose and Dimitri. Stop fighting your love for one another, I want to scream!

But forbidden love isn't the only interesting thing about Frostbite. Mead's world building is fabulous. I'm always completely swept away by the lore and magic. And the mystery. Her series is never completely predictable, but it lets the reader know enough to still play the detective and try to figure out how to save the day. The secondary cast of characters is also extraordinary. They're all multi-dimensional and I have no idea how she does it, but she develops her characters, writes steamy romance, AND a convincing and complex world all in one book. There are very few complaints I have about this series. I am literally devouring these books.

Adrian is my new muse. I am curious about him. On the outside he is a typical spoiled royal, as we are led to believe most royals are. But he also ends up being a spirit user like Lissa. Each of them begin to figure out that they can learn from each other and strengthen their powers. And I'm also confused about his motive. He seems to be really into Rose and not at all into Lissa, yet Rose offers him nothing in comparison to what Lissa does. I'm conflicted. I believe he is attracted to Rose but I'm not sure how deep it goes. I suppose I will have to read the next books to find out how it all plays out. Which I am very excited to do.

And one more thing, Richelle Mead gets the biggest high-five EVER for creating a complex, strong heroine who is always human and flawed. Brilliant.

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