Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

After the death of their father, sister Lia and Alice along with their brother Henry are orphaned in their world. When a mysterious mark shows up on Lia's wrist, strangle things start to happen, strange things that her sister seems privy to, along with secretive, as well. When her beloved James discovers a old book tucked behind the shelves of her fathers library, Lia learns of a dark prophecy of which she is the center. Two sisters, one the Guardian and the other the Gate, must fight opposite each other toward an uncommon goal. It is up to Lia to prevent the Beast, Satan himself, from gaining access to our their world, lest the world reign in chaos upon his return.

Told in haunting, beautiful prose, Prophecy of the Sisters is impossible to put down. Dark mysterious and ominous prophecies pull the reader in for a heart-stopping journey through Lia's discovery of her role in the prophecy of the sisters. The writing itself is enough to keep reading the story and oftentimes I felt my heart skip a beat and had to remind myself to let go of my breath. The novel isn't scary, but rather thrilling. I never knew what was coming, but I kept needing to know and with that need there was a bit of fear of what would happen to Lia and her companions Sonia and Luisa. I was so drawn to their characters that I felt a part of their circle, felt a need to find the keys that would end the prophecy. So drawn in, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if a reader's last thought before sleep was if they would be safe traveling to the Otherworlds in their dreams that night. If they would make it back. And if you think this novel will stop at thrilling, you would be mistaken. It is heart-breaking, emotional, and takes you on many a ride through the human consciousness before it brings you to the end. And even then it leaves you on the edge, wanting more.

The only complaint I have about this novel is that it ended. And now I have to wait until August to join Lia again in her journey to end the prophecy and her struggle with her sister Alice. I enjoyed every bit of this novel, and if you have been reluctant to pick it up let your struggle end her. Go pick it up this instant! It is worth it, I guarantee it! So beautiful, so engaging, it's the genre at it's best.

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