Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Another one of those books that's been sitting on my shelves but always found a reason to push aside even considering the rave reviews it's gotten. I simply have a gift for avoiding good books.

It all started when Nora and  her best friend Vee got separated as biology lab partners (well, that's when it started for Nora) and Nora got a new partner, Patch. And even though Nora tried to avoid Patch as much as she could, she was drawn to him. And even though he found every way to get under her skin, at the end of the day he's still the hottest thing on earth and she fell for him (this may be slightly exaggerated). But since Patch came into her life even more weird things have begun to happen like that she is seeing things that aren't there and it seems as though Patch can talk to her in her mind. Soon Nora decides it's up to her to figure out what's going on, who Patch really is, and what he wants with her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I was completely fascinated by all of the fallen angel mythology, albeit a little confused by the whole possession of Chauncey's body (do all fallen angels do it at the same it?). And I know there's controversy over Patch being a stalker and feminism comes into play, and it probably doesn't help his case that he was trying to kill Nora...but I liked it. I mean, if I was a fallen angel and I could become a human...maybe I'd do it too. But he fell in love with her, and that was sweet.

The author kept me on my toes the whole novel. I knew it was about angels but I had no idea that there would be so much complexity and mystery tied in. It was so much fun. And I loved the dialogue, too. Vee is hilarious, I wish I had a best friend like her, my social skills would be so much more intact!

Hush, Hush was a wild ride of intensity, from the first page to the last I was dying to know what would happen next. A novel that will definitely spark something in it's readers that will keep them up all night!

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