Review Policy

Authors and Publishers,

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in my blog! Here are a few things about my reviewing policy that might be of use to you!

 1. I am mostly interested in Young Adult titles but I occasionally read Children's titles if they peak my interest. Although, I am very open to new books, I love reading all around. If you think I will be interested in your book, feel free to email me at lost_inabook88(at)

2. When I started this blog I promised a review within two weeks. Since my blog has grown, and with it my reading pile, that is a little stressful to follow. I will, however, put up a review close to the release date. Or if your book has already been released I will try my best to move it up on my reading pile.

3.I do accept ebooks for review. Either in .pdf format or any other format that's compatible with Adobe Digital Editions.

I am an honest reviewer, it wouldn't be fair to you or other readers if I wasn't. If I liked your book I will absolutely give it the attention it deserves, if I didn't I will explain why I didn't like it but give reasons why other readers may like it. I will never "bash" a book.

Any other questions, just send me an email at lost_inabook88(at)yahoo(dot)com

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