Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

This series keeps getting better and better. Now when I'm finished I'm going to have to find something as good so I won't constantly be disappointed! Ah well. We meet Rose and Lissa again at  the St. Vladmir Academy fresh from the tragic death of their friend Mason. Strigoi attacks are becoming more of a threat and the whole Moroi world is on edge. Something dark is following Rose around and ghosts are following her around when she is unprotected. Tragedy, death, and hard times are definitely not in shbrt supply and Rose will be tested physically and emotionally until she'll have to chose between the two people she loves most.

I am so angry with Richelle Mead. I was devastated at the end of this novel, heart-broken, grief stricken. How could you do that to your loyal readers, your loyal Dimitri lovers? I'm getting upset again just thinking about it. However, it was so unexpected and brilliant. It made me ache for the next novel in the series. The only thing that truly bothered me at the end of the novel was Rose's reaction. Perhaps it's just me or simply her character, but I would have gone catatonic. It just seemed to me as if Rose skipped the really unexplainable, insane portions of grief and excepted it a little easier than I think a normal person would. But more power to her. I just would have liked her to be as upset as I was haha.

I totally adored Christian in this book! He was as badass as they come! I am just loving following the growth of all these characters. And Rose? She amazes me now. From book to book she keeps maturing and getting more awesome. I am in love with this series. Um, and the cabin scene, was HOT. Ms. Mead really knows how to create tension and resolution. And she can for real write a story. A damn good story. I don't want it to end.

Shadow Kiss will keep you on your toes the entire ride. It will have you cheering the characters and wishing you were them! It'll also have laughing and reaching for a box of tissues. It is the perfect novel in the succession of the Vampire Academy series. *swoon*

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