Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sweethearts by sara zarr

mmm cookies

Jennifer and Cameron were outcasts (reader, i almost spelled this 'outkast'-what is pop culture doing to me?!) in elementary school but they always had each other. but one day when Cameron leaves Jennifer without saying good-bye she is both confused and heartbroken. then she finds out he's dead. Jennifer decides that it's time to change from Jennifer into Jenna-the popular girl who doesn't cry and who doesn't live in a world inside her head. and she thinks she's finally gotten rid of all of Jennifer, that is, until Cameron comes back eight years later. can Jenna remember who she was, and more importantly, will people accept her? and will Cameron and Jenna be able to rekindle their friendship and overcome the horrible thing that happened on her ninth birthday...

so, i read this in one day. while it's only 217 pages, i'm a very busy gal. basically, i loved it. i think i want to time travel so i can meet a guy like Cameron in fifth grade and he can be my sweetheart. or i can just book travel and have Cameron all to myself. this boy has some serious determination and individualism. he knows who he is and what he has to do to make it in life. poor Jenna and Cameron were both dealt the worst hands growing up, but luckily for Jenna her life changed in high school but not so much for Cameron. i wish they made magic fairy dust that made awful parents go away. seriously, i don't know how people like Cameron's father live with themselves.

you can come live with me, Cameron. no really, please do.

this novel kind of showcases the importance of how your entire life shapes who you are. like, i can't just go reinvent myself tomorrow and be a completely new person. all those old memories, experiences, they make you who you are. and Jenna has to discover that. of course, it doesn't hurt that she has a cute boy to help her out.

this is a short, sweet book that you won't soon forget. and if you're not big on the whole self-discovery (or re-discovery) or deep, philosophical things that keep our humanity in check (im talking to you, cannibals...) then read this for the sheer adorableness that it Cameron. but also remember, he's mine.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I couldn't agree with your review more! :D I LOVED this book, it's one of my favorite reads this year. Cameron and Jenna have such an unforgettable relationship... *happy sigh* Great review~

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Aw this book seems so cute! Just the synopsis of it makes me want to read it badly! Great review! I need to get my hands on this book ASAP!


HomeschoolingInCalifornia said...

I just started this today.

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