Saturday, June 5, 2010

things that bother me

  • highly acclamined bloggers (at least, from my experience, in the YA blogosphere) who use the wrong than/then, you're/your, there/they're/their

  • the "my best friend/dad/mom" was killed in a car crash trend in YA lit. I know how absolutely awful it is but I'm kind of tired of reading about it

  • vampires, werewolves (except the shirtless body of Jacob Black), angels, other supernatural beings.

  • bad writing in general. especially people who get paid to do it.

  • generic reviews. put something in the reviews that makes me want to read the novel you're reviewing. because that's the whole purpose of reviews, right?

  • seeing the same book reviewed 39 times on my google reader. in one day.

  • seeing an amazing book get a crappy, short reviews because of laziness and/or because bloggers try to post as many reviews of books on their blog as possible for who knows what reason. personally, i'd rather read a blog whose reviews were funny, well-thought out, and sincere who only post once a week than a blog that posts multiple times a day but gives no substance to what they're talking about. althought, props to you if you do both!

And that's it. sorry for the negativity, guys, just blowing off some steam!


Donna said...

Blog tour bombardments bug the hell out of me too. Last summer was bad where my entire blog roll all posted about the same book at the same time. For me, I'll not by a book just from sheer overload. Maybe that's wrong but so is flooding the network. Id' rather see them spaced out, personally. Longer exposure that way.

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

I have to agree with the vampires/werevolves/angels theme in YA books, it takes a hell of a lot of good reviews for me to want to pick up one of these books.

Another thing that bothers me is popular blogs that have really messy sidebars or crappy layouts.

Oh and I actually like seeing the same book reviewed by a dozen bloggers in one day, the more good reviews it gets, the more i'm likely to pick it up.

Sara said...

Apparently we are bothered by the same things. And I was totally thinking of posting something like this myself... I'm pondering it for tomorrow.

I hope that my blog... if you even read it... is one that you DO like! :D

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup :) I agree. The whole werewolf, angel etc trend is definately wearing thin. Time for something fresh!

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