Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Twilight?

Guys, I just came back from seeing Eclipse. Mind you, that's the second time I've seen it in around 12 hours. Does that say something about me? Probably. Oh well.

But what I really want to talk about today in celebration of vampire week, even though it's been discussed to death, is what is it with the whole Twlight (accurately named) phenomenon?

And to totally throw eveyone off (because I've on more than one occasion expressed my feelings about the anti-feminism in the series-here's a hint: I'm not a fan) I'm going to talk about the good things about this series.

1. Let's be honest, other than Harry Potter, people aren't reading. With TV and movies and technology reading has definitely taken a back burner. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of readers out there and there were before hits like Twilight but numbers drastically increased with the arrival of our favorite sparkly vampires. And even though people are acting like they're some starved addicts, turning to every vampire novel out there to get their next fix, I think as someone who wants to be an educator I'd rather having people reading flawed novels than not reading at all. People are enjoying story-telling and that's wonderful. Twilight had also brought mothers and daughters together as well. Which is totally cool. I think a novel that reaches out to all ages is an incredible feat. And hey, YA is getting its voice out there certainly in part to this. For the right reasons is questionable but again, I'm happy that YA is getting a better rep.

2. Aside from the stalking, and the sparkles, and the atrocious fourth book that doesn't even count in my mind, I found the novels fun. I thought her writing flowed well and Stephenie Meyer definitely has a knack for romance. I mean, if she can get me (I'm 21) hot for a 16 year old werewolf, she must have some talent, right? I enjoyed shedding reality (and what counts as acceptable courting and such) and living in Meyer's fantasy world. The characters are great. The premise is fun and exciting.

So really, I think it's okay to like these novels. I really do. I would be a hypocrite if I criticized anyone of that. There are levels of course. I'm not going to ask my boyfriend to be like Edward Cullen. What is okay for Bella is not okay for Jess in real life. And I accept that and can appreciate different rules for conduct in a fictionalized world.

Um, and let's not forget this...
I couldn't resist this if I tried. It's too much :)

So what are your thoughts about Twilight? I'm curious to hear!

Happy Reading!

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Cassandra said...

I think it's great that people are reading too. However, I dislike the books because of Meyer's writing. Her characters aren't dynamic, and they are all at standstills. No character learns anything throughout the whole series. In addition, Bella doesn't have a personality. At all. Every teenage girl prances around screaming that they are like Bella, when the truth is that Meyer wrote her without substance, so every girl could argue she was the real Bella. However, I have more issues with the movies than the books. Pattinson sucks as an actor. That's just it. And I think Stewart does too. The only reason you'll find me at the theater is to stare at Lautner's chest when he pulls his shirt off. :)

Lost in a Book said...

that is the only reason I see the movies too! it's unfair really how gorgeous he is. sigh. i totally agree with you about Bella. actually, I kind of like how she has no personality because it makes it easier to picture myself as her that way haha. I mean, who doesn't want two men fighting over her? Even if she does pick the wrong one. Curse you, Stephenie Meyer, curse you.

Briana said...

I love the books and the movies. I know there are tons of Twilight haters out there, but I'm glad to say I'm not one of them :)


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