Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Booking Through Thursday

books and authors are you particularly thankful for this year?

Well, it's hard to be thankful today in all honesty. I just lost a cousin yesterday who I was very close to. But this is good-it helps me to think of the things I am truly thankful for. So here are the books and authors that have helped me through times like these.


1. Looking for Alaska by John Green- even though I read this last year I am so happy it came into my life. I think about it all the time. It's such a powerful book and it's characters and their struggles will always be close to my heart.


1. Sarah Dessen- She never disappoints me. I can relate to her characters and stories so much. Her writing is so simple and true. I love every one of her books (that's why I couldn't pick one!). I wish she were a machine writer so I could have something new from her to read all the time!

2. Suzanne Collins- Wow! I am so glad I read The Hunger Games (I wasn't going to, but then I said what the heck?) her novels are gems.

3. Stephenie Meyer- because without her, I wouldn't have Jacob.

Authors I'd like to read:

Elizabeth Scott- any suggestions? Favorite book of hers?

Do you guys have any other book suggestions? Books that help with healing? Made you laugh? Feel good books?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Reading (and don't forget to always be thankful)!


YA Vampire Books said...

I love Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott, it's really good. You should read it! ;)

Wrighty said...

I'm so very sorry for you loss. It's hard any time of year but the hoidays seem to make the absence of loved ones more noticeable. I lost my younger cousin a few months ago. She was only 35 with a husband and 4 young children. She had a rare brain cancer for 2 1/2 years that she just couldn't beat. We read a lot of books together and it's hard for me to concentrate when I try to read now. Funny books do seem to be the best though. It's nice to relax and enjoy and not have to concentrate too much.

I hope you can find good books to take your mind off things. I hope you have all good thoughts and many happy memories. Best wishes.

kanishk said...

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