Sunday, May 30, 2010

let's fight to the death!

what's up with dystopian ya lit? is it the new "thing"? will it go out of style, so to speak? because if it is the new thing then i hope it stays (for-eva) because it's, um, what's the word i'm looking for...FREAKIN' AWESOME! i love that these books scare the crap outta me. i also do not mind the abundance of sexy boys (peeta, mmmmm). i honestly can't get enough of the stuff. and do you know why it's better than the vampire fad (well, besides the gruesomely obvious reasons)? because each story is original. i never know what's going to happen, unlike the bajillion twilight wannabes out there (p.s. why are you wannabes anyway? why would you want to BE that awful?).

vampire novel layout:
boy meets girl/girl meets boy
boy/girl finds out their love interest is a vampire
boy/girl decides it's the best life decision to follow in their vampire love interests' footsteps and become a vampire themselves (i always say that's the best choice)

dystopian novel layout:
i have no freakin' clue!
boy and girl are in a catastrophic america (boy is usually very attractive-this cliche i do not mind in the least)
sometimes boy and girl must fight crazed zombies
sometimes boy and girl must fight their own species to the death for their own survival
sometimes boy and girl must live in a teenaged built community and find their way out of a freakin' maze
really, the possibilities are endless. and i love it.

this is why it is no surprise that i devoured The Maze Runner by James Dashner. when we meet Thomas he is in a box with no memories of himself or the world around him. sure he has concepts of things like a family, nature, friends, but he has no recollection of names, events, or anything specific pertaining to these concepts. they're empty meanings to him. and all he knows for sure before entering the Glade is that his name is Thomas. once he arrives at the Glade (via this convenient metal, pitch black box of serenity-no, not serenity more than likely terror and cruelty) he meet the Gladers-a bunch of boys around his age who also don't have memories of their past who one by one each month were thrown into the same situation as he is now. Thomas quickly learns the ins and outs of life in the Glade (call everyone and anyone a shuck or shuckface-it's charming, really), nobody knows much or at least is willing to share so don't ask, and never go into the maze under any circumstance. but of course, Thomas violates these rules. what is the maze? how have these boys been here for two years and never solved it? and who or what is controlling it? these are questions Thomas desperately tries to find out, and as he does he learns more about his part in the elaborate plan of the Creators. people who have gone through the Changing seem to know him and things are extremely familiar-almost homey to Thomas at the Glade. and to top it all off a girl was sent down to the Glade-the first ever-who also seems to have an intimate connection with Thomas. so many seemingly unanswerable questions make this novel a real page turner. well written, fast-paced, and even charming (the relationships the boys build are reminiscent of Lord of the Flies only they take care of each other) you must read this novel. must, must, must!

smooch worthy character:
Newt. he's one of the leaders of the Gladers and I found him to be quite adorable. and there's something about that take-action kind of confidence that's oh-so-sexy.

twist and shout:
there are about as many twists in the novel as there are corridors in the maze. and what lies beyond the Glade is enough to make anyone scream and run for cover. notable goosebumps and impossible to ignore anticipation (aka i couldn't put it down)

final thoughts:
when is the next book coming out?!


Donna said...

You have an award! Come get.

Donna said...

Now for the real comment. LOL!

There actually are a lot of good vampire books out there. You just have to look beyond the current YA stacks to find them, unfortunately. YA as of late has really raped all that is good from the vampire.

But I'm really digging dystopian lit as well just because it's so no holds barred evil. I haven't read The Maze Runner yet but it's in my pile, as is Life as We Knew It and I just picked up The Water Wars at BEA. I've always gravitated to this type of book just because I don't like the fluffy stuff.

LadyViolet said...

I have an award for you over on my blog here!

Love this post, I've gotten rather interested in Dystopia fiction lately and I've heard pretty much all good things about The Maze Runner so it sounds like a great choice to tide me over on the Dystopia front until I can get my mitts on Mockingjay ;-)

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