Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Private by Kate Brian

There is an emerging pattern...oh, yes, I have moved on to the next guilty pleasure series- Private by Kate Brian. And, of course, I loved every bit of this one too! Reed Brennan is from boring old Pennsylvania where she is an A student and longs to get away from her pill-popping mother with dreams of girlfriends and a normal social life. What she doesn't expect is that nothing about Easton Academy is normal-especially when she meets the uber elite and unattainable Billings Girls. What will Reed do to secure her favor with these girls? Or perhaps the better question is, what wouldn't she do?

Okay, honestly here, there is almost no substance to this novel. There is not an original plot line. So why did I enjoy it? Well, really it's because this book was entertaining. Superficial but well-written and extremely fast-paced. With virtually no reflection from Reed and chapters that are 3-4 pages long each. What grabs you is Kate's simple but flawless writing and the ever present cliffhangers that just tug at you until you give in and say "Okay! I need to know what happens next or I'll go crazy!" This was fun and enjoyable. I see nothing wrong with needing something light that will cheer you up every once in a while...or, in my case, a looming phase that is pushing me to go pick up the next two books in the series AND continue reading Pretty Little Liars AND now The Luxe series. Am I doomed? Perhaps. But my addiction aside, this novel was 227 pages of fun with just the right amount of surprise and a dash of comfortable predictability that leaves you wanting more. And if you want more, you're in luck because you'll have ten other novels in the series to satisfy your craving for juicy gossip, hot boys, and secrets and lies galore! (OH my!)

Rating: 4.5 (this one is hard to this 4.5 is based solely on it's entertainment value)

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I love your review here and I know what you mean when you love a book and then go to describe it and your not really sure what to say.

Books like this are just - I dont know, icing on the cake? A good fun read that is like mind candy? :)

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