Tuesday, June 30, 2009


How can this not make you just gush at the beauty that is Jacob Black? And isn't that the sexiest name ever? Jacob Black. I love everything about this character. His, ahem, manliness so to say. His flaws (jealously, anger, etc...) make him ever so irresistible. If there was one reason I had as to why I love the Twilight series, Jacob Black is that reason. This is why New Moon and Eclipse are my favorite books. Mucho Jacob action. Why not Edward, you ask? The too handsome to imagine, romantic, absolutely flawless Edward? Well. Perfect is BORING! And, might I add, impossible. So even though the series is fiction, I try to hold on to as little reality as I can.

And if Taylor Lautner is the closest I can come to it. So be it!

So I wonder...why do you love the Twilight series so much?

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