Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Ten Literary Crushes

Kristi at the Story Siren and Jill at Random Ramblings each did a post of who their top ten literary crushes are...and since I love boys in books I thought it was a good idea that I keep track of mine as well :)

1. Jacob Black. Even though he is part of a series I have many no so nice things to say about-he is also part of series that is like comfort food to me. He is human, flawed, arrogant at times, and completely lovably ripped. I love Jacob SO much. If I could be with any fictional man, it would be him. And then I realize that he's not real and it honestly makes me sad.

2. Dimitri. I have grown to absolutely adore this man. He even rivals my beloved Jacob. He is strong, protective, passionate and seeing his struggles and transformations over the five books so far has made me love him anymore. I would fight for him. I've fallen in love with him, pined for him, hated him, hoped for him, and been heart-broken. Now, Dimitri and I have an emotional roller coaster of a history. I'm hooked. And the way I imagine him? HOT. He can take me to a cabin in the woods any day. And I wouldn't even mind if it was only a lust spell. Oh, Dimitri, I hope Ms. Richelle Mead has good things in store for you in the last installment of the series. Because I don't think I can stand to be heart-broken forever knowing there's no new book to save you! I am v. much swooning right now. Next...

 3. Dexter. I fell in love with him the minute I met him in all his literary humorly bliss. He and Remy were polar opposites and I loved every minute of them together. He was so messy and so disorganized yet funny and adorable. He loved love and fought to be with Remy every step of the way. He's like the not even close to perfect boy who you can't help fall in love with because he makes you feel like every moment of your life led you to him. He helps you make sense of the world, even in the most disorganized way. One of my favorite moments was when Remy goes to buy plastic silverware for his house (he had none) and she realizes that is liking adding a permanent element to their relationship so she hides them. Dexter finds them and realizes what they were for and teases her about relentessly. He knew she loved him.

4. Kartik. I think a lot of my attraction to him has to do with his Indian heritage. And dark, handsome, with curly dark hair gets me every time. The way he is always there for Gemma is undeniably loyal and also a bit romantic (she might disagree). The tension between those two KILLED me sometimes. I wanted to scream, "just kiss him already!" And when they did-WHOA. I also think the anticipation of their encounters peaked my attraction as well. I am so upset with the ending of the trilogy **don't read if you haven't read it** A tree? Come on now :(

5. Wes. He's that cute guy in the corner you don't notice because he's so quiet and almost brooding. And he's sexy. Like wind blowing his hair out of his eyes, sly grin, innocent eyes sexy. Mmmmm. And he's artistic. With a past. Who is so open and honest. I wish more guys were like Wes. He is my definition of sexy...super swoon right now. What he and Macy have is so real and so raw you can't help but root for them. Even though deep in your heart you wished it was you he was falling for! I'm still available, Wes, you know, if things don't work out.

5. Jonah. He's the ultimate bad boy. It's almost hard not to hate him throughout the book. I kept thinking, man this guy has a MAJOR attitude. But then we learn more about him and his past which is when I started to feel a lot of sympathy for him. Poor guy. Anyway, he's super hot if you're into that military, stone faced, stubborn type who has a really soft side once you break him in. Ah, Jonah, you make my heart flutter.

 7. Archer. My newest love. He is that cocky kind of adorable. Again, with the black curly hair (I always imagine one lone curl falling into his eyes...sigh...). I think how I imagine the hair makes it or breaks it for me. Weird? Def. I also melt for that half grin and wicked look in his eyes things. Which I totally think Archer did a lot. Plus, he's a warlock. Who wouldn't want a warlock as their boyfriend?!

 8.Spencer. He's not even a love interest of the main character, being her brother and all, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE him! He is so friggen hilarious. The chapters/scenes with him are hands down my favorite. He could entertain me all day. Would you like to, Spencer? I'm a lot of fun, I promise! There's no way you could read about him and not smile. And I love a guy who can always make me smile!

9. Peeta. I am absolutely 100% not Team Gale. Peeta all the way. Sweet, bread making, lovable Peeta. Who doesn't want a man who would practically die for you AND make you sweet treats? And who is gorgeous?! I dare you to try and find someone who won't adore all of these qualities. Well, except Katniss I suppose. Silly Katniss, chose Peeta! I feel like Peeta would be cuddly. And he's very charming. I am most angry when Katniss talks about Gale and most excited when she kisses Peeta. Even if it's only for the masses. I like to believe it's me...I mean, for me...

10. Last but not least, Adrian. He's definitely grown on me. I've always seen him as extremely sexy in the bad boy kind of way but my love for Dimitri has always clouded my affection towards him. But once we learn his true feelings for Rose and how he is always there for her I can't help but fall for him. Now every time he says "little Dhampir" I melt a little. He's cute and quirky and flawed to the max but even through all of his flaws I love him. I will be his girlfriend, you know, when Rose inevitably dumps him. But maybe she won't. Even still, I'm here!

So those are all the boys I have major crushes on/swoon for to the max. I hope you enjoyed my over gushing! I'm a girl in love, what can I say? haha. Well, apparently I can say a lot. And did! If you haven't read any of these books then I suggest you do it now! If only for the amazing men! So what about you guys? Any I missed? Any I should read about? Let me know who you swoon over.

Happy Reading and Swooning :)


brizmus said...

yay for literary crushes! And you picked some great ones! I'm going to read Hex Hall next to hear more about that boy. . .

Briana said...

Wes<3333333333 :)

linz said...

I also loooove Peeta. No way, no Gale. Choose Peeta! He's just so darn sweet and cute and caring and perfect! And I agree about the kissing as well.

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