Friday, July 9, 2010

Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Zoey's life is spinning out of control. If her only her dad hadn't cheated on her mom with his 24 year old employee-and got her pregnant. Then her mom wouldn't have tried to commit suicide. Then she wouldn't have hooked up with the guy she knows will hurt her. But all of that did happen. And to make it worse, the night she decided to go parking with her new boyfriend again she gets into an accident. But the thing is, she can't remember a thing from that night. Suddenly a boy she thought hated her, Doug, is acting like something significant is going on between them and her boyfriend is completely ignoring her. What will it take to get her memory back and her life back in order?

This was a quick read for me, but I honestly didn't like it. In the first twenty pages or so I had a completely different perception of Zoey than most of the rest of the book. I didn't understand her. I mean, why would she think Brandon was her boyfriend after sharing one night? Not even a romantic one night. And it drove me crazy how many times she told Doug "he's my boyfriend, I'm sorry you can't understand that". Well neither can I, my friend. The things she thought a lot of the times were so far from how a logical person thinks it inspired fury in me. Sometimes she felt real to me but more times than not she was completely fake. And not even a my mother is crazy so I need to keep this facade going kind of fake. Just. Fake.

Nothing fit together for me. She had best friends but their relationship was meaningless. The only meaningful relationship in the whole book was between her and Doug. And that's just because Doug is an amazing character. If I could just rate this book on character hotness, it would get a ten because of him. Echols did a fine, fine job of making me drool over him, and feel sympathy for him, and love every single inch of him. I just wish she put more attention into the rest of her characters. And not much gets resolved except the Doug-Zoey when is she finally going to come to her senses thing. I feel like Zoey's relationships with her mom and dad are put on a back burner and left there never to be seen again. It wasn't enough for me.

Don't get me wrong (I hate saying bad things about books), the story was great and I honestly had no idea what Zoey did the night of her accident anymore than she did, I just think the characters fell short. But there were moments of brilliance and clarity. And there was Doug. Which totally won me over. Ah, but don't let this discourage you from reading it. Pick it up from the libray. The romance is really sweet and enjoyable. It's a perfectly fun read to bring to the read or to read between heavier things (like what happened to Dimitri in Blood Promise. I am not okay with this).

I received this ARC for a tour with Traveling ARC tours.


Briana said...

Sorry you didn't like it! :( I have to admit, the cover is stunning!

Lost in a Book said...

I like the cover, too!

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