Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday!

So sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been working and getting ready to go back to school, it's just been SO hectic! But I'm back! And here's what I'm waiting for this Wednesday:

Michael and his friend Francis share a secret passion for Evgard, the fantasy world they have created together. But then Michael finds a note in his locker, revealing that their secret is out. He immediately suspects Francis, and tries to get revenge by telling the school bully—known affectionately as Shitley—that Francis is gay, which guarantees Francis is in for a pounding. But did Francis really betray his friend? Or is Michael really the traitor?

This gripping account of a troubled friendship unfolds both as a contemporary story and as a compelling glimpse into the world of Evgard. The Traitor Game tackles difficult issues without hesitation and will surely draw in gamer and fantasy fans as well as contemporary fiction readers.

Why I want this: The paperback version is being released in September so now I'll go and buy it! It just looks really riveting and different. Sometimes it's hard to find original voices out there and this looks like it'll be just that!

Happy Reading Everyone!


Sheere said...

This book sounds interesting, I like the misterious plot.. who is really the traitor?


This book sounds interesting..

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