Monday, August 3, 2009

Contest Monday + Winner

So the winner of my last Contest Monday of The Comeback and Second Skin is...

Alex from A Flight of Minds!!

Congrats! I'll be emailing you as soon as I'm done this post!

As for this Monday, you can enter for a chance to win these two books:

Audrey Wait! by Robin Benway and Impossible by Nancy Werlin!

(only I have the hardcover which I couldn't find a pic of)

All you have to do is answer this question (since both books deal heavily with music): What's your favorite song and why is it meaningful to you?

+2 if you're already a follower
+1 if you start following me
+3 if you make a playlist of your favorite songs (I'm always looking for new music)
+3 if you blog about this!

Contest ends August 14th.

Good luck!!

Happy Reading!


a flight of minds said...

:D Thanks! Just shooting you an e-mail now.

katie said...

Congrats to Alex. I would love to be entered to win this weeks contest.
+2 follower
+3 for a playlist:
Lifeline by Papa Roach
Everything I Ask For by The Maine
Drive My Soul by Lights
You're Making It Come Alive by My Favorite Highway
It's Beginning To Get To Me by Snow Patrol

Those are five really good songs that I like. Hope that helps you find something new to listen to.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you entered my name in your draw.

I've always loved Baby I Love You by Andy Kim because it always makes me think of my husband whom I love dearly.

I am already a follower of your blog.

wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Lilibeth Ramos said...

Damn, player that is two in a row! Congrats!

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Yay! Congrats Alex, that's awesome :)

I have to enter this contest of course!

My favorite song will have to be Fix You by Coldplay. I can't say that I really relate to the song, because I don't. I just think it's such a beautiful song. The lyrics, music and voice. Man, it just gives me the chills.

+2 I'm already a follower.

+3 for putting it on the sidebar? I hope that's okay! :)



+2 I'm already a follower
+3 Playlist:It's a mix of some of my faves and some I can't stop listening to..
-Letoya Luckett - She Ain't Shit On Me
-Michael Buble - Feelin' Good
-Michael Jackson - Give in to me
-Akon ft. David Guetta - Sexy Bitch
-Shakira - She Wolf
-Busta Rhymes-World Go Round
-Lady Gaga- Poker Face
+3 I added it on my blog sidebar -

Thanks, great giveaway!

Bianca said...

+2 follower
+3 for playlist:
Crimson & Clover by Joan Jett
I wanna be your lover by Prince
Take Me Or Leave Me by RENT
All I want to do by Sugarland
Fix You by Coldplay

infinitemusic19 AT gmail DOT com

Jessica Secret said...

Congrats Alex! I'd love to be entered in this contest, please!

I have way too many favorites! Sorry, but that's an impossible question. I can give you one of my favorites: Bad Habit by The Offspring. It really doesn't have a deep meaning to me, it's just an awesome punk song with a lot of swear word that I LOVE.

+2 I was already a follower.


Indigo said...

Congratulations to Alex!

Mine's an oldie, but my favorite of them all.

Kansas - Dust in the wind.
There are some awesome guitar licks in there. If you listen to the words it's all there, life, death everything we are, dust in the wind.

Thanks! Indigo

Diana Dang said...

I have a lot of favourite songs! But right now, Gara Gara Go! by Big Bang. It's not exactly meaningful but it's a great song to lose yourself to!

Already a follower!

Margay said...

+2 Already a follower
+3 Blogged about it here:
+3 Playlist:
Super Massive Black Hole, Muse
Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis
Unwritten, Natasha Bedenfield
Just Breathe, Anna Nalick
One, U2
Shattered, OAR


Wrighty said...

These sound good! Please include me too and thanks for your fun contests!

I like the song Cissy's Song by Alan Jackson because it reminds me of my cousin who just passed away a few weeks ago.

+2 I already follow
+3 I added to my sidebar
+3 Playlist -
- Learn to Live by Darius Rucker
- Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Hawaiian version)
- Feels Like Tonight by Chris Daughtry


Llehn said...

My favorite song in Somebody by Depache Mode. It's a wonder, honest love ballad that my husband and I both use as our anthem.

+2 already a follower
+3 For Playlist :
It's Not Easy - Five For Fighting
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House


Beth said...

Actually, my favorite song is Bitch by Meridith Brooks. It just speaks to me and has such a great energy to it.

I'm a current follower.

BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

adriennelizbth08 said...

Awesome, thanks!
+2 follower
+3 playlist:
Cruhcrushcrush by Paramore
Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade
Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park

Sue said...

I'm almost afraid to admit this, but my all time favorite song is King for a Day by the Thompson Twins. I know. It's just fun and seriously makes me feel young every time I hear it.

Thanks for the fun giveaway.

s.mickelson at gmail dot com

Valorie said...

+2 I am already a follower.

+3 if you make a playlist of your favorite songs:
Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode
Looking Glass- The Birthday Massacre
Deliverance- The Mission
Beautiful Together- Oceanlab
No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand
She Loves Everybody- Chester French

+3 Blogged:


Anonymous said...

My favorite song is Me and You by Kenny Chesney. It is me and my fiances song and it is also going to be the song that we dance to at our wedding..


Anonymous said...

+1 I am a follower

+3 I have a playlist at and my name on their is trishalynn0708


etirv said...

Favorite song: Your Song by Elton John because it's very touching and brings me back to a wonderful time in my life!

New follower!


April said...

My favorite song ever is Wonderwall by Oasis. I am in love with this song, I think it's so heartfelt, I love the lyrics, I love the melody. Ah, I just love it!!
+2 I'm already a follower
+3 Playlist of great music:
Crazy Game of Poker - O.A.R.
Baby I'ma Want You - Bread
Strange Magic - Electric Light Orchestra
Stand Out - from Disney's A Goofy Movie - don't judge it's catchy and infectious
Night Moves - Bob Segar
Hold On - Wilson Phillips
Party Hard - Andrew W.K.

I think all those songs are awesome and fun, and feel good music. :-)

AyC said...

+1 following

and I'm not sure, but is this contest for US people only? (I'm from Canada, can I still participate?)

And my favourite song ATM would be "A Dustland Fairytale" by the Killers :)because I love the lyrics, and the music vid too!

thanks =]

Kristen said...

+2 I'm already a follower!

:) Yay for Contest Monday!

maria jose said...

please enter me (:

+1 new follower
+3 for a playlist
Halo by Beyoncé
Lips like sugar by Flo-rida
Leave out all the rest by linkin park
Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Good girls go bad by Leighton Meester

jpetroroy said...

My favorite song is Love Story by Taylor Swift because it deals with how optimism leads to love.

+2 I'm a follower

Paradox said...

I honestly know almost nothing about music, but I love anything by Enya and other music that relies more on sound than lyrics.

+2 follower

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Pam said...

My favourite song at the moment is Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. It's just catchy for me.

+2 follower
+3 playlist:

Symbolistic White Walls by Matthew Good
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
Emperor Penguin by The Tragically Hip
Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale
Blurring by Chris Belsito
Get Out by Jen Porter
We Might Fall by Ryan Star
Insensitive by Jann Arden

melacan at hotmail dot com

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